Vista Point Project

Vista Point Planning and Design

Caltrans maintains an inventory of approximately 135 vista points throughout the state highway system, places where motorists can safely view scenery or park and relax. Landscape architects provide for the design of vista points and their related facilities including walkways, interpretive displays, railings, benches, interpretive information, trash receptacles, monuments and other facilities, designed to be accessible to all persons.

For more information about Vista Points see: Highway Design Manual, Topic 904, Vista Point Standards and Guidelines


As stated by the CalTrans website: Updated: Sept 30, 2016

Vista Point: Timelapse

One of two E-6 slide shows on view in Postpicturesque. The slide carousel acts as an analog time lapse, holding 80 slides that are on a continuous loop. Each photograph is taken at a 5 minute interval over 6 hours on the afternoon of July 4, 2020. Location: Vista Point at the Richmond San Rafael Bridge, .5 miles from San Quentin Prison during the largest prison COVID-19 outbreak in CA, caused by the profoundly mismanaged  transfer of inmates from Chino in late May. This is just one of the 135 CalTrans Vista Points found across California. It exists as evidence of the attitudes towards the western landscape imparted by imperially motivated 19th century survey photographers as well as pointing to the technology of mid-20th century tourist images shown in vernacular home projections. The proximity to San Quentin prison highlights the importance of context for these sublime western views and who has access to consuming and representing them. 

Vista Point: Survey

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